Dear Friends!

Tridens AS has been a reliable partner to its valuable customers, shareholders, employees, the Republic of Estonia and its cultural community, and our suppliers all over the world for 34 years. These years have given us a long-term experience to guide the existence of the brands of our assortment in Estonia. Precisely the experience and knowledge gave us the courage to open the subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania in 2007. We are proud for the achievements because the sales of many brands have already increased tenfold, and we believe that there is even more room for the growth of potential. Continuous learning and experience since 1988 has enabled us to remain successfully in the competition and to become one of the oldest trading companies in Estonia. Our product range holds more than 150 different brands of which the best-known are the Jägermeister, Yellow Tail, Espiritu, Ecusson, Lapin Kulta, Red Bull, Hartwall Original Long Drink, and Mynthon. Our company employs 80 people, whose work, knowledge and commitment is crucial to the development of the company. Our team consists of professionals in the field of retailing, entertainment and catering.

Our people, partners, experience, and continuous pursuit of quality create a DIGNIFIED result for which Tridens with its SOUL stands for every day!

Yours sincerely,